Jennifer Newth - Harp

“ …The harp must surely be the most difficult instrument to be found in a symphony orchestra, yet this accomplished musician played with apparent ease the most demanding passages, using a range of techniques …” - Rosemary Collier, middle-c.org.nz

“ …The third movement’s extended harp solo demonstrated the huge range of the harp’s capabilities, and those of the performer… This was a bravura performance, and the audience’s response was appropriately prolonged and enthusiastic.” - Rosemary Collier, middle-c.org.nz

“… Jennifer Newth performing two established harp compositions that were intrinsically beguiling, but also played with astonishing virtuosity and exquisite delicacy….” - Lindis Taylor, middle-c.org.nz

“ … clarity, facility, articulation, fluidity, and subtle phrasing. They were some of the words that came to mind as I listened to Jennifer Newth’s enchanting and breathtaking performance of Chanson dans la nuit..” - Lindis Taylor, middle-c.org.nz

“ Kenneth Young’s Autumn Arabesque, which revealed a great variety of dynamics. This was a brilliant performance, full of subtlety. Lovely timing and shimmering, ecstatic sounds were notable in this delightful work, demonstrating the skill of the composer as well as that of the performer….” - Rosemary Collier, middle-c.org.nz

“ Fauré’s Impromptu… Jennifer Newth played it without the score. The lush tones and varied dynamics meant the playing was always interesting and the sonorities were enchanting. ” - Rosemary Collier, middle-c.org.nz

“ It was most enjoyable to watch her flowing and graceful technique. Her playing and that of her flute partner featured exquisite soft sounds; these were very musicianly performances. ” - Rosemary Collier, middle-c.org.nz